Titanium Power Magnetic Bracelet

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  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: It is made of high-quality titanium steel, which is more durable, high in hardness, light in weight and wear-resistant. You can use it for a long time without fading easily.
  • CLEAN YOUR BODY: Four minerals including germanium, magnets, infrared rays and negative ions. Clean your body, remove negative substances, and keep your body away from headaches, nausea, colds and so on.
  • FAST WEIGHT LOSS: This bracelet can send a signal to the body to effectively break down fat cells and help you lose fat faster!
  • HELP DIGESTION AND METABOLISM: Promote faster digestion, help you easily achieve a slim figure. Reduce fatigue and tension, thereby improving the ability to perform at the best level, and make your life healthier.
  • SUPER MAGNETIC: The magnetic germanium is embedded inside the bracelet to help relieve arthritis, joints and carpal tunnel. Reduce muscle tension, increase flexibility, balance sleep, and let your body enjoy the natural healing process.

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